Traditional Karate, Kobudo, Self-Defense & Samurai Arts classes for adults & families at our martial arts school on the border of Mesa, Chandler & Arizona

Yokoso! Wecome to the Arizona Hombu (Arizona School of Traditional Karate) on the border of Gilbert & Mesa - 60 W. Baseline Road.


We offer eight classes/week for our students in TRADITIONAL MARTIAL ARTS (all for one price & no contract).

TRADITIONAL karate is non-competitive. Traditional Okinawan karate includes basics, forms (kata), practical applications (bunkai), body hardening (shitai kori), powerful strikes, weapons (kobudo), fitness, martial arts history philosophy. We also include self-defense, jujutsu (throwing arts) & samurai arts.

 The Father of Modern Karate, Gichin Funakoshi of Okinawa wrote,

"The purpose of Karate lies not in defeat or victory, but in perfection of its participants". 

Traditional Karate is about perfecting oneself and developing focus. As stated by Chojun Miyagi, it is about 

"... training oneself to overcome an opponent with a single technique". 

This is why students and instructors who train at the Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai hombu in Mesa, Arizona, are taught maximum focus & to work towards developing a one-punch knockout that may save your life during an attack on the street. If a person has to use more than one technique in self-defense, they stand to lose.

Karate was developed as a combat art for self-defense as well as self-improvement. Thus the karate instructors at the Arizona School of Traditional Karate retain this philosophy by focusing on teaching adults & families the original art of karate and kobudo. Our students travel to Mesa from Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, Queen Creek, Tempe and Scottsdale to train at the home of World Black Belt Hall-of-Fame Soke Hausel.

Okinawan Martial Arts in the East Valley of Phoenix

Class Schedule -


  • Beginning Karate 6:45-7:45 pm
  • Advanced Karate 7:50-8:15 pm


  • Special Training 3-5 pm
  • Family Shorin-Ryu 5:30-6:30 pm
  • Practical Self-Defense 6:45-7:30 pm
  • Samurai Arts 7:30-8 pm


  • Beginning Kobudo 6:45-7:45 pm
  • Advanced Kobudo 7:45-8:15 pm