Self Defense Clinics & Classes

Self-defense is about being prepared. To be successful, one needs to train constantly so reaction to any attack will be natural & completed with little thought.


Got a gun? We totally support 2nd Amendment Rights. But you may not be fast enough to get to your gun in time or you may be surprised. You have feet (fi-to), elbows (hiji), hands (te), knees (hiza) thus you are born armed and ready to defend


While teaching karate, kobudo, jujutsu & self-defense classes at the University of Wyoming, I was shocked to read that at least 20% of all women on college campuses have been, or will be sexually assaulted during their college careers! What about off campus? Statistics suggest 54% of all rapes are never reported to police & 97% go unpunished! This is serious! ALL women should learn self-defense!


Okinawan karate is ingenious. Over centuries, various masters of karate placed their most effective techniques in living encyclopedia known as kata. Thus, we have hundreds of tried & true self-defense techniques at our disposal we can practice by ourselves and with others. After one's muscles develop proper motor memory, these can be used in training.


We have taught self-defense to many clients including sororities, ROTC, EMT, geological associations, church groups, law enforcement, librarians, women's clubs, scouts, mens groups, and even martial arts school owners.


As a member of the Arizona School of Traditional Karate, you can train in self-defense every week. Self-Defense classes are scheduled every Wednesday from 6:45-7:45 pm in Mesa.


If you have a group of friends or co-workers who would like to learn self-defense in a fun environment, we offer entertaining two-hour clinics on practical self-defense & weapons (i.e, car keys, books, pens, purses, backpacks, etc). The cost for these private clinics for women's clubs, neighborhood groups, business groups, etc., is only $25/person (minimum of 8 people). Just schedule your personal clinic with Hall-of-Fame Grandmaster Soke Hausel and find out how to use those elbows and knees. Call 480-294-1001.